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Even though this place has been dead for a year

Name: Merriska

Age (13 and older):

Gender: Female

Location: Canada

Likes: Sunshine, making friends, chatting online, anime, some types of reality shows

Dislikes: Racists, homophobes, stupid people, annoying people (although, I won't particularly say it to their face), when someone I don't want to win wins

Strong points: I can be very friendly so people can trust me, but I can also stab you in the back if I have to. I wouldn't let friendships get in the way of moving on.

Weak points: I'm not very physically strong, so I'd probably be sitting out some challenges.

[Survivor Section]
Favorite Survivor Season: Pearl Islands, Borneo

Favorite Survivor Tribe: Tagi, first tribe to form an alliance and Pagong... well, Pagong.

Favorite Castaway: I love Ozzy. I seriously had a big crush on him. Rob Cesternino, one of the best. Richard Hatch started it all and Boston Rob... well, he's a bastard. But, I love the bad boys. Todd is winning my heart over too.

Favorite Survivor Moment: Brian mispronouncing Shil-Ann's name, HE'S A JEW and dead grandmother lie FTW

Your Luxury Item: Slinky, it's different. XP Nah, that'd be too different. Probably a book.

[Would you...]
eat something gross for a million dollars? Yes.

dominate in physical challenges or mental challenges? Mental

fly under the radar, play dirty, or use strategy to win? Play dirty and use strategy. I've won two online Survivors already, I don't care what people think of me being a backstabber. If I have to, I will. I need to move further.

stab someone in the back? No problem.

be lazy or work hard around camp? I'd work so I wouldn't have to be accused of being lazy.

give up immunity if someone really needed it? No fucking way, dude.

[Other stuff]
Leader or follower: Follower. I was viewed as a follower once, but I still managed to win an online Survivor. The leader got voted off at third place. Go figure.

Immunity or reward: Reward. Immunity sets everything up, but rewards are a lot less stressful.

Independent or outgoing: Outgoing. I love talking with people and trying to get to know them. Sure, I'd still backstab them, but might as well not get voted off for being too quiet =D

One word that best describes you: Sly.

Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? No way. A lot of the best players are male. I'd absolutely love to get stamped as a male.

Anything else? I doubt anyone will comment, but I really want to get stamped here.
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