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Survivors Ready...

[The Important Stuff]
Name: Stephanie
Age (13 and older): 26
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Likes: Reality TV, shopping, reading, web design
Dislikes: Rude people
Strong points: Creative, smart, loyal
Weak points: Shy

[Survivor Section]
Favorite Survivor Season: 3(Africa), 9 (Vanuatu) and 11 (Guatemala)
Favorite Survivor Tribe: Kucha (Season 2), Nakum (Season 11)
Favorite Castaway: Stephenie, Ethan, Danni, Brian
Favorite Survivor Moment: Any time the final 3 would take their "rite of passage" before the final immunity challenge
Your Luxury Item: A digital camera

[Would you...]
eat something gross for a million dollars?
dominate in physical challenges or mental challenges? More mental than physical, especially creative challenges
fly under the radar, play dirty, or use strategy to win? Use strategy, most definitely
stab someone in the back? If it was a close friend who was loyal to me, I would never do that
be lazy or work hard around camp? Definitely work hard
give up immunity if someone really needed it? If it eventually meant me getting voted out of the game, and if somebody who knew they were on the chopping block, I'd do it

[Other stuff]
Leader or follower: Follower
Immunity or reward: Immunity
Independent or outgoing: Independent
One word that best describes you: Happy
Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? Doesn't really matter to me
Anything else? Nope


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