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Oh, yes. **ahem** Survivors Ready!

[The Important Stuff]

Name: Des

Age (13 and older): 18

Gender: Female

Location: California

Likes: Des likes sunshine/strobe lights/lava lamps/rave lights/any cool sorta sparkly light/FIREWORKS. Des also likes dark humor, British humor, and humor in general. Des likes simple pleasures, slacking off, fandoms, sleeping, making ramen at 4 in the morning, fwippy coats, pirates, online quizzes/memegens/rating comms, my awesome hair, chopsticks, dice, and speaking in the third person. :D

Dislikes: Studying, homework, housework, any work, lifting the proverbial finger, discovering that I've fucked up my sleeping schedule and then running around all braindead, growing up, getting old, making future plans, telephones, lunchmeat, horses, babies, politics, NINJA (shut up. They're boring, they're over-rated, and they godmode.) Complicated situations, people with no self-esteem, when boring people win Survivior. XP

Strong points: I'm a good leader. If you set me in charge of a project, I'll be the person moving things along and trying to channel the flow of ideas, and if it's a project that I'm interested in or seems fun, I'll be giving it 100%. I'm honest to a fault. I'm also witty and fun to be around, and I'm quite good at keeping my cool. I can be very patient and tactful... when I feel it's important. I'm optomistic and good at cheering myself up, and I want the people around me to be happy. I'm very generous, so if you're my friend, expect presents. I'm a damn good actor, and you'll be hearing me in cartoons someday. >D Not a bad artist either.

Weak points: I'm forgetful, insensitive, unrealistic and I have no concept of time or money. I also have a huge fucking ego and I'm the laziest person you will ever meet, and I can be very disrespectful and rude without meaning to be. I'm self-centered, and as such I tend to ignore things that aren't of immediate relevance to me.

[Survivor Section]
Favorite Survivor Season: Pearl Islands. *____* Everything about that season was cool, dammit.

Favorite Survivor Tribe: Er.... >>; Currently the names and members of tribes are all muddled up in my head.

Favorite Castaway: RUPERT. <3333 But since everyone loves Rupert, I will mention that I was also a raging Jerri fangirl while it was her turn. :O Who knows why. And I thought Boston Rob was pretty awesome too, even though he was a bastard. XD Lovable bastard! <3

Favorite Survivor Moment: The ENTIRE first episode of Pearl Island. That was just one awesome after another, man. But especially the part where Rupert stole the shoes. XDDD "We're pirates; and so we pirated!" That was Des going. "Ohmygod, I'm gonna love this season."

Your Luxury Item: Probably a huge friggin' sketchbook and some pencils. >>; Something to distract me.

[Would you...]
eat something gross for a million dollars? Psh. I'd eat something gross for ONE dollar. XD Piece of cake!

dominate in physical challenges or mental challenges? Mental.

fly under the radar, play dirty, or use strategy to win? I'd probably do a bit of all three. I'd hate to win by flying under the radar, but whether or not I would do that would depend on who took the leader position. If someone's already stepped up to the plate to tell people what to do, then I go along with them, most likely. I don't like to lie and manipulate, but I'm actually very good at doing those things, and if I was in a game for a million dollars, and I had to, then I would.

stab someone in the back? Not if they're my friend.

be lazy or work hard around camp? Lazy. 8D I'd lie around until someone told me to do something, but then I'd go do it.

give up immunity if someone really needed it? Depends on the situation, but yes, I would.

[Other stuff]
Leader or follower: Leader!

Immunity or reward: Reward! *_* They're way more worth it. If you lose immunity, all it means is less competition. The fact is that there can only be one winner, so definitely get all the goodies you can on the way. =D

Independent or outgoing: I tend to think of independent and outgoing to go together, since most of my friends who are independent are also outgoing. I'll have to say that I'm neither. I'm a hermity moocher. XP

One word that best describes you: Awesome. >3

Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? No way! All the coolest survivor winners were male. =D

Anything else? It's 10:35 AM and I haven't gone to bed and I'm filling out a SURVIVOR Rating Comm! ^____^+ I feel pathetic.

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