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Survivors Ready...

[The Important Stuff]
Name: Marissa Michelle
Age (13 and older): 14
Gender: Female
Location: Illinios
Likes: music, dancing, writing, moving, computer, technology, family, friends, HSM, acting, singing, modeling, tackle football, hockey, church
Dislikes: standing still, snobs, cheerleaders(no offense), basketball, golf, money
Strong points: Good with children and other people as long as there's no more than one person my age or older than mw, working alone.
Weak points: Group projects, hanging out with 2+ people at the same time unless its in my family, being alone, insecurity with how tiny my body is and my skin, letting people have their way and not letting it show that I care about it, sometimes I can be kind of quiet.

[Survivor Section]
Favorite Survivor Season: Panama
Favorite Survivor Tribe: hmm... I really don't know.
Favorite Castaway: Danni
Favorite Survivor Moment: When Rob asked Amber to marry him.
Your Luxury Item: A notebook and pen to write my stories down

[Would you...]
eat something gross for a million dollars? Yes
dominate in physical challenges or mental challenges? Mental probably
fly under the radar, play dirty, or use strategy to win? Strategy if I had one, most likely.
stab someone in the back? maybe, I don't know
be lazy or work hard around camp? Work hard.
give up immunity if someone really needed it? It depends who they are. Yes and no.

[Other stuff]
Leader or follower: Leader
Immunity or reward: Immunity
Independent or outgoing: Independent
One word that best describes you: Loving
Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? Nope, not at all. That means I wouldn't mind being stamped as a guy, just incase someone didn't understand.
Anything else? Although I like to be all girly and stuff, when it comes time I can get down and dirty too. I'm not afraid of dirt under my fingernails.

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